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Statement On DuPont Establishing Agriculture Headquarters In Wilmington

Joint Statement from Mark Turner, Chairman of Delaware Business Roundtable (President and CEO, WSFS Bank) and Chip Rossi, Chairman of Delaware State Chamber of Commerce Delaware Market President, Bank of America):

“Today’s announcement that DuPont will be establishing the headquarters for its Agriculture company in Wilmington is great news for Delaware. We are very excited that both the new Agriculture and Specialty Products companies will be headquartered in Wilmington, following the planned separation of DowDuPont into three separate companies.

This announcement reinforces Delaware’s long-standing reputation as a business friendly state, particularly since a number of states were competing to have these businesses located within their borders. We believe some of the factors contributing to this decision were the state’s attractive business climate, the skilled and highly educated workforce and the close and constructive working relationship between government, business, and higher education in our state.

In terms of future job growth, DuPont’s recent announcement that the company is creating a process to evaluate requests by former employees to gain access to DuPont patent property is another sign of how maintaining DuPont in Delaware will foster the establishment of new entrepreneurial businesses and help create additional economic growth.

We appreciate DuPont’s ongoing commitment to the state and the fact that the company and its thousands of employees will continue to be active in our community, including with civic and charitable organizations. This announcement is good news for Delaware, for all Delawareans and anyone connected with our state.

In particular, we applaud the fact that Governor Markell and his administration and our congressional delegation demonstrated exemplary leadership and collaboration in working together with DuPont and the business community to ensure that the company and its employees will remain a vital part of our economy and our communities.”


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