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General Assembly Misses Opportunity To Control State Spending Long Term

The Delaware Business Roundtable and its member companies applaud Governor Carney for signing an Executive Order that begins the process of smoothing out the highs and lows of state revenue and putting controls on state spending.

Despite the Governor’s strong stand, it does not go nearly far enough to protect Delaware taxpayers because his Executive Order does not apply to the General Assembly – which can continue to add long-term spending commitments on the backs of taxpayers despite the fact that revenues may not be available in the future.

That is why the Roundtable joined Democratic Governor Carney and Republican state Treasurer Ken Simpler in seeking a constitutional amendment that would limit annual spending growth based on key economic indicators.

The General Assembly’s failure to pass legislation this session beginning the constitutional amendment process is a failure to establish a more certain and sustainable path for state spending – and to protect state taxpayers with sound fiscal management.

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