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News Roundup: State Employee Compensation Study

Media across the state covered the Delaware Public Policy Institute's study on state employee compensation vs. their private sector counterparts.

Here are three of the stories:

The News Journal: Study disputes notion state workers are underpaid

"The often-repeated claim that state employees in Delaware could find better pay in the private sector is a myth, according to a report by pro-business think tanks issued Monday."

Delaware State News: Study: Delaware state employees better compensated than private sector

DOVER — A report released Monday by the Delaware Public Policy Institute — a nonprofit associated with the State Chamber of Commerce — concludes that while state employees earn lower salaries on average than comparable private sector employees, their benefits packages more than make up the difference.

Delaware Business Times: Study shows state employees’ compensation exceeds private sector

A new study shows average total compensation of state employees – excluding teachers and law enforcement — substantially exceeds compensation for workers in Delaware’s private sector who have similar levels of education and experience.

A Delaware Public Policy Institute study found state employees earn about 12.4 percent less than similarly qualified private-sector workers but they receive benefits packages 53 to 102 percent more generous than most private sector workers. Particularly health coverage, retiree health plans and pension benefits are substantially more generous for state employees.

You can read the full study here.

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