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Roundtable Leaders Promote Delaware Growth Agenda In Philadelphia

Mark Turner, Ernie Dianastasis

Chairman Mark Turner and Education Committee Chairman Ernie Dianastasis represented the Delaware Business Roundtable on Thursday at the Delaware Economic Impact Roundtable, sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group.

Turner and Dianastasis both stressed the need for the state to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem and pursue a new approach to economic development, as outlined in the Delaware Growth Agenda.

“The next governor and the incoming Legislature will have the opportunity to take advantage of challenging times to make the critically important decision to fundamentally change Delaware’s approach to economic development,” Turner said, noting that the business community is eager to support state leaders.

Dianastasis said, “Entrepreneurial growth simply comes down to connecting bright people, great ideas and capital.”

He also stressed the need for a renewed emphasis on education. “Education and economic development are inextricably linked,” he said. “When education is not strong, it’s tough to attract and retain business.”

This summer, the Roundtable presented a framework for economic development that – if followed – can make the state more competitive with its neighbors in an era of increased competition for jobs, investment and talent. The Delaware Growth Agenda, commissioned by the Delaware Business Roundtable, calls on the state to nurture a growing entrepreneurship base built on three strategic goals that should be implemented over the next five years:

1. Building an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

2. Pursuing a new approach to economic development.

3. Enhancing Delaware’s business climate.

The Growth Agenda’s full findings and recommendations can be found here.

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