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Roundtable Statement On John Carney's Economic Development Plan

The Delaware Business Roundtable issued the following statement on Democrat gubernatorial nominee John Carney’s economic development plan that was released Friday:

The Delaware Business Roundtable is heartened by John Carney’s economic development proposals, as they echo many of the recommendations made in the Roundtable’s Delaware Growth Agenda.

Specifically, the Growth Agenda called for the creation of a public-private partnership governance model for the Department Economic Development Office. We are encouraged that John Carney said Friday that he plans to take a hard look at such a reorganization as a potentially vital component of future growth in Delaware.

Additionally, the premise of many of his recommendations – from expanding the Port of Wilmington with private investors to expanding venture capital opportunities for entrepreneurs to helping identify opportunities in emerging markets – represents a strong and enduring working relationship with the private sector.

At the end of his speech Friday, John Carney noted that the state needs a sound fiscal plan. The Roundtable agrees. The state faces a structural budget challenge characterized by unsustainable revenue sources and unsustainable spending patterns. It’s critical for the next governor and the General Assembly to work collaboratively to meet that challenge.

This is not a time for tinkering at the margins; bold leadership is needed to step up to the challenges Delaware faces. We’ve heard too much talk about creating economic opportunity but seen too little action. The Roundtable looks forward to working with the next Governor and General Assembly with a goal of concrete action on these matters.

Read the News Journal story on Carney's proposals here.

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