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Delaware Business Roundtable Congratulates Governor-Elect Carney, Calls for New Approach to Economic

The Delaware Business Roundtable congratulates John Carney for his election to the Governor’s office, as well as all candidates who won statewide offices and legislative races tonight. Now is the time to begin working together to develop innovative economic policies that will make Delaware stronger and more competitive in these challenging times.

We look forward to working with all elected officials on our ideas for economic growth in the state. The Roundtable has put forth the Delaware Growth Agenda, which provides a strategic framework for pursuing a new long-term approach to economic development in the state.

Developed through a non-partisan, collaborative planning effort that engaged more than 100 state, business and community leaders, its goal is to focus economic development efforts on sustainable growth well into the next decade. The Growth Agenda includes public policy recommendations centered on three strategic goals to be implemented over the next five years: building an entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, pursuing a new approach to economic development, and enhancing Delaware’s business climate.

Taken together, these strategic goals will help position Delaware as a global magnet for leading-edge technologies, talent and investment – which is achievable only if we create a more robust partnership between the public and private sectors to guide future success

The Roundtable calls on Governor-elect Carney and all new members of the General Assembly to boldly meet the significant economic challenges facing Delaware. We are eager to collaborate with our state’s leaders to implement forward-looking, innovative and relentless economic policies to build a stronger Delaware for generations to come.

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