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Two Roundtable Board Members Named To Carney’s Transition Team

The Delaware Business Roundtable applauds Governor-elect John Carney for including two of its board members on his transition team, a strong signal that the new administration is committed to supporting a new approach to economic development in the state.

Mark Turner, the President and CEO of WSFS Bank and the Roundtable Chairman, was named to the budget and workforce transition committee. Janice Nevin, President & CEO of Christiana Care Health System, was named to the education and healthy families committee.

Turner and Nevin join about three dozen other Delawareans who will be tasked with helping Governor-elect Carney “review state government operations and develop a policy action plan to guide his term in office.”

Earlier this month, the Roundtable congratulated Governor-elect Carney for his election, as well as all candidates who won statewide offices and legislative races tonight. The Roundtable called on all elected officials – in conjunction with the business community and other stakeholders – to begin working together to develop innovative economic policies that will make Delaware stronger and more competitive in these challenging times.

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