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Delaware Business Roundtable Praises Governor Carney’s Inaugural Address

The Delaware Business Roundtable praised Governor Carney for his comments on the economy and budget during his inaugural address, specifically the need to promote innovation to grow the economy.

This approach is consistent with the Roundtable’s Delaware Growth Agenda, which calls for the state to promote innovation and an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

“We stand ready to partner with the Governor, his administration and the General Assembly to strengthen Delaware’s economy,” Roundtable Executive Director Robert Perkins said. “We are encouraged by his approach to business and the state budget.”

Specifically, Governor Carney said: “Our administration will work to lead our state through a transition to an innovation economy, where we’re not only the First State when it comes to incorporating a company but also the First State when it comes to growing a company and deepening its roots here in Delaware.”

On the budget, Governor Carney said: “The hardest truth may be that we can’t do anything else unless we get our state’s finances under control. We have a revenue problem; but we also have a spending problem. In the coming months, we’ll put forth a plan for addressing our budget crisis not just for one year, but for years to come.”

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